Conference Room

A great conference room is known for great acoustics and a powerful PA system. Choose from a wide range of acoustics and audio-video systems that give you the best tonal quality. The sound system needs to be measured with top-class sound engineering and also great soundproofing so that sounds don’t bounce off furniture and tables.  

Commercial Theatre

Surround sound, 3-D effects, and 16-track music systems are just bare minimum standards to let the audience soak in a great audio visual experience each time you visit a theatre. We blend different sound speakers with high-end woofers and bass along with great visual elements to make for a great immersive learning experience.

Restaurant Lounge

When it comes to designing a restaurant Lounge , we realize that the music needs to be sharp yet soothing. The lounge facilitates easy listening, tranquil themes, and involves beautiful music–influenced instrumentals and modern electronica. the range and themes for you to choose from. After all, a great restaurant is known not just for great food but for great ambience too. You name it , we have it.


An auditorium designed by Dizitouch is a blend of great audio visual components. Every sound reaches the last benches so that you can actually hear the sound of of a pinas it drops to the ground. . Call our sound engineers now for a live demo.

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