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We are Dizitouch

At Dizitouch, we are your gateway to a world where audio and visual experiences transcend ordinary boundaries. We craft immersive symphonies of sight and sound that elevate your spaces to the extraordinary.

We combine technology with a deep understanding of design, acoustics and aesthetics to deliver bespoke solutions that are functional and beautiful. 

Our services are designed to enhance your lifestyle with entertainment, relaxation, and connectivity.


Make Any Room Come Alive

Dizitouch is one of the luxury audio and video solution providers, we are based in Lucknow, and undertake end-to-end implementation with the right mix of tools, equipment, and consultation to ensure the best sound services making us among the best Sound System Dealers In Lucknow.

  • High-Quality Audio Output
    India’s leading sound systems that deliver superior audio quality.
  • Wide Frequency Range
    Top-tier sound systems to over a broad spectrum of frequencies.
  • Immersive Surround Sound
    Many premium sound systems with advanced surround sound.
Music Systems in Lucknow
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  • Sleek Designs
    In addition to exceptional performance, premium sound systems offer pleasing designs
  • Wireless Connectivity
    Sound systems with advanced connectivity options such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Precision & Clarity
    Designed with precision for various frequencies clarity & minimized distortion.
Mission Vision

What We Offer

Bose Home Theatre Dealers in Lucknow

Bose Family

Keeping client requirements in mind, we customize sound systems dovetailed to meet your personal choices.

Our high-tech sound bars and systems are guaranteed to make music a alive and enriching experience, that too, in your plush living room Offering the best of the best from Bose sounds, we cross-match high-fidelity 5.1 tabletop speakers with a matching soundbar. Experience bose home theater in lucknow in its true essence at our outlet Dizi Touch. 


Get mind-blowing sounds in this living Lounge. We have combined music and home theatre to convert this into a live experience. The combined effect of ambience, sound and effects will take you to a different spatial dimension.

We have matched high-end Sonus Fiber speakers from Italy, a motorised screen along with a Devialet Phantom Gold set of speakers, the world’s best wireless speakers lovingly designed in France. Anyone who has visited our living lounge leaves behind a part of his soul. They say that if there is heaven on earth, this must be it.

Music Systems in Lucknow
Bose Home Theatre Dealers in Lucknow

Devialet Phantom

If you are looking for a truly cinematic HD movie experience then this high-touch Home Theatre is what we recommend for you. You can experience a customized movie experience, including the plush seats and feel of a real movie hall. Here, we include a set of four Devialet Phantom Gold speakers, considered the world’s best wireless speakers, lovingly created in France.

This high-definition concept set of speakers is the highest in demand despite high prices. Matched with a 12ft LFD Screen and Atmos Sound, a feather-touch acoustic panel, and 4K projection—a combo that will make you drool for more.

Music Room

This Music room is painstakingly designed with an eye for detail to offer you the best ambience and surround sound you could have ever imagined. With a top-end Devialet Amplifier to boot, your music room will take you on a magic carpet ride, traversing the world of music, all within the comfort of your home.

Music Systems in Lucknow
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